About us

About Us

Our groups of Data Scientists have been working together for more than three years, creating tomorrow’s world with our innovations and technologies. We have designed and developed Data handling software to extract the real value of big data.

Our scientists are continually working in order to develop useful algorithms for Data Crunching, Processing & Analytics. Our primary goal is extract the real value from data and help organisation to unleash the power.

Big Data presents an unprecedented opportunity for enterprise to create business value by tapping in to the huge amount of heterogeneous and unstructured data created but many organizations do not have the know-how and right technology to harness its power.

Alethe Labs provides these critical capabilities in a manner that allows organizations to quickly turn unexplored BIGDATA in to strategic advantage like increasing profit, productivity and staying ahead of the competition.

Alethe being a technology company working on Big Data Solution since last 3 years and is ready with our flagship product “Enterprise Data Bag (EDB)”. EDB stack is designed keeping in mind the complete solution with Apache Hadoop.

At Alethe, We have range of products & solutions specifically designed for different verticals around BIGDATA (Hadoop) ready to be delivered as service. We have a team of highly dedicated professionals comprising of Engineers, Data Scientists & Data Analysts which constantly researches on BIGDATA solutions to ease the data processes engines & improve functionality like machine learning and other algorithms.

Alethe Labs has its offices spread across Singapore, US, UK and India . The company is incorporated with focus to provide Big Data & availability solutions to customers


“Visualize data any type, any size and perform comprehensive analytics to help organization unleash the power of data“


“To become the trusted partner through Data to Decision & bringing Big Data to Life “.