Big Data Analytics

The enthusiasm surrounding Big Data analytics imitates a genuine opportunity for organizations to gain new sources of insight from new channels of data. With the growth of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data there has never been a better time to drive improvements in customer engagement, process performance, and strategic decision-making. The challenge is that most solutions for Big Data analytics require either a Ph.D. or an advanced computing degrees, or focusing on a single source of data such as Hadoop.

Alethe labs eradicates this challenge by delivering a platform for self-service data analytics that places the value of Big Data in the indicators of all analysts and decision makers. Alethe labs gives organizations the power to take benefit of all data inside Big Data environments and combine it with external datasets to derive the extreme value of all available data sources.

Key Alethe labs Capabilities for Big Data Analytics:

  • Access, integrate, and cleanse data from Big Data environmentssuch as Hadoop, Hadoop 1.0, Hadoop 2.0 Apache Hadoop, Spark, Apache Spark, Hive, Apache Hive, Yarn, Apache Yarn, Apache Pig, R programming or NoSQL, without waiting on other departments
  • Formulate and combine datainside and outside Big Data environment in a repeatable workflow that eradicates coding and quickens the time to insights
  • Build sophisticated but accessible predictive, statistical and spatial analyticin a simple and intuitive, workflow design environment
  • Simplify sharing of Big Data analyticsvia outputs to interactive analytic apps that can be used by any decision maker.


Benefits of Big Data Analytics:

  • Increase efficiency of the data analytics process
  • Test and adopt new tools to generate more impactful results
  • Draw a more complete picture of your information
  • Incorporate advanced analytics like complex event processing and sentiment analysis
  • Leverage the expertise of over 40 data scientists and data engineers