Midstream Advance Scanning System : Harness the data from industrial devices and machines to derive data driven decisions.

Industrial platform
Supports RTU, SCADA, API, IIoT & more
Machine learning
Web & desktop based HMI
Massive scalable storage

Connection streams across different protocols like OPC, Mod-bus, TCP, HTTP and custom API based to ingest the data to compute platform

Scalable storage options with integration of time series, binary & RDBMS data with big data technologies like HDFS, Spark

Massive parallel processing architecture for large data sets and faster results

Prebuilt scanners to process and analyse data sets in realtime and batch processes

Machine learning for improved digital analysis performance and accuracy for better data driven insights

Data security while the data is at rest and in motion

Ingest manual survey data sets for 360 degree view across operations

Deployment flexibility – Cloud & On-premise. Choose the right option as per demand

Create smart apps for web, desktop and mobile to streamline data capture and distribution process

Data Sources

Enterprise Apps

Machine / Sensor


Other sources
Data Ingestion
Realtime data streams
Data buffer
Bulk data ingestion
Fault tolerance & transfer check
API integration for custom data import
Messaging broker
Data Storage
Distributed data store (HDFS, Hive, HBase)
Time series database
Historian & archived data
Application database
Binary, Images and more
Anomaly Scan

Anomaly detection algorithms to identify deviations from normal system behaviour

Analogue Scan

Correlate data sets across data silos and different data types


Prediction libraries to forecast system behaviour based on ingested data


Data normalisation libraries to preprocess data for scanning & detection


Apply common statistics operators like mean, median, nearest value & more


Find relevant data information using wizard or text based search & index engine


Machine learning libraries used standalone or with other scanners

Binary Transform

Transform binary data into readable information to be scanned & analysed


Temperature, Pressure and Flow profile, pattern & correlation


Voltage profiles across different sensor types e.g. power, MFL & more


Data store for any file type like binary, structured, logs, images and more


Create trigger based alert system and integrate with dashboard, sms & email