BFSI Solution

Improve Operational Efficiency

The Financial Services Industry has changed forever. Recovery from the recent financial crisis has not come easy—capital requirements are higher, regulatory oversight is tighter and customers are savvier. To rebuild customer trust and ensure continued profitability with balanced portfolio risk, Financial Services professionals need deeper operational insight, and a near-perfect understanding of their customers and prospects.

Alethe Labs provides financial services institutions that insight with fast data blending, easier to use analytics and simple ways to share information with decision makers.

  • Access and blend all your data – structured and unstructured -- to get one unified picture of the customer
  • Build analytical models quickly, in a drag and drop environment, to calculate risk and profitability potential of an asset, a customer, or a location
  • Provide analytic results to front-line personnel in timeto empower decision-making.

All of this can be delivered while maintaining the transparency required for regulatory compliance.