Capper Education

A Mobility Solution for the Educational Industry

Conservative systems of learning, teaching and researching consume the substantial amount of your bandwidth that could have been invested in the core of education itself. Research administrations and predictors have projected that Platform based Mobile Applications will be a significant component in the growing path of Education as an industry.

Capper is a platform based self-service mobile app for creating and managing cross – platform mobile apps with pre-build templates. Alethe Labs understands the need of your educational institute no matter if it is School or University, and can come up with custom mobile applications and provide state of the art solutions that will not only help the business’s basic information administration needs but can contribute in taking the institute to a whole new dimension

Benefits of Educational Mobility

Leisure Hours Utilization

Utilized to learn something new with the help of a learning app.

Do It Yourself

Capper Mobile’s self-service platform allows institutions to manage, customize their mobile apps by themselves without writing any software code.

Institution Specific Branding

Capper mobile provides an option to institutors for creating their apps in their own branding to maintain their individuality on the app stores.

Professional Support

The highly skilled Capper Mobile’s support team provides round the clock support for any platform or app related issues.