Capper enterprise mobility platform reduces the complexity of mobile apps with easy to use Mobile backend as a Service.

Enterprise Mobile Backend as a Service

Faster development of mobile & web apps using reusable services from Capper MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service).

Utilise the service for native mobile, hybrid or web apps.

Seamless offline user experience even in the case of long term off-grid usage.

Subscribe to advance backend services by embedding simple codes in mobile apps.

Engage with the users

In-app notification engine with group policies for targeted messaging.

Context based advertisement to provide the right content to the right user.

Integrate SMS & Email gateway for messaging options.

Use Geo awareness for location based triggers and sending the right information at the right place.

Easily Manage your mobile apps

Support for multiple content types e.g. video streaming, PDF, Ebooks, Images and more.

Multilingual content support.

Manage more than one apps with easy to use web admin dashboard.

Manage user access rights and groups accessing the content.

Data analytics

Analyse the app and content usage.

Transform the app and the content served as per user preference.

Analyse the feedback and content ratings to identify most valued and least valued.

Log any errors from the App for continuous improvement.