Data Driven Reputation Management

D2RM provides NLP (Natural Language Processing) and feature extraction from online text & documents. With machine learning these algorithms improve themselves with continuous data churning.

Huge Training data sets

Continuous learning

Relentless Crowd

A/B testing of algorithms

Capture reviews & comments from 1000s of web & social platforms

Categorise text as per sentiments, perception, geolocation

Scan documents and extract information using feature extraction

Competition and SWOT analysis for one to one/many comparison

One global search engine for online data and scanned documents

Correlate events and comments from various NEWS articles

Geolocation estimation from logs data and text mapping

Web dashboard for easy access on laptop/desktop or mobile

Scheduled & real-time data capture from online sources & documents

Add custom filters, search criteria and visual interpretations

D2RM allows data capture from various sources like social platforms, NEWS, websites and blogs. It also provides the functionality to digitise paper documents and makes them ready for search using feature extraction

With the custom implementation of Natural Language Processing, D2RM allows easy integration of new dictionaries e.g. regional languages and derived languages with ease. Continuous learning from the data captured allows the platform to adapt to the usage of language by the people on the internet.

Scanning and feature extraction employs custom character recognition, dictionary and machine learning for accurate identification and conversion of paper document into digital copy