Media & Enterprise Solution

Ensure Audience Satisfaction and Improve Advertising Efficiency

It’s no secret that information is consumed differently – through new channels and outlets – with viewers demanding personally relevant content the instant they want it. Catching a customer’s attention is more difficult than ever before, and standing out in this new environment is a constant challenge. With so many choices, it is vital for media & entertainment companies to know who their viewers are so they can engage them with the right content and the right advertising through the right channels, and to provide their advertisers with maximum exposure to target audiences with minimum spend.



Alethe Labs allows you to prep, blend and analyze internal and third-party data sources in a repeatable workflow, to better understand and address viewer and advertiser expectations. You can then perform analytics – predictive, statistical and spatial – to uncover insights that help you make strategic decisions about content distribution; uncover additional types of services to offer and where to offer them; and optimize media plans, automating and iterating them as new data becomes available. Finally, you can share results across your organization and with your advertisers, allowing them to meet viewer preferences and demands.